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Beautiful Blanket Distribution Centers

The centers of distribution and sale of fine and velvety blankets and Beautiful Blanket in the big cities are present and they are mainly offered to the stores.

Beautiful Blanket

Why should you buy a manufacturer and distribution center?

Since pillowcases and blankets are one of the most sought after blankets and pillows, you must buy and sell jeans and pillows of all types in the form of jeans and pockets for their quality and price.
Purchasing from the distribution center helps you to eliminate additional costs and intermediaries, and you can have fair purchases directly and directly.
As a manufacturer on this site, we will help you to get a satisfying purchase of price and quality.
Stay connected with us to view and buy.

Beautiful Blanket

A method of washing Beautiful Blanket and velvet pillows

Velvet cloth is soft and delicate, and when washing, you should note that the soft texture of the velvet surface is not damaged.
Washing this kind of cloth is a little different with other fabrics, so be careful when wiping this kind of pillow and blanket so that the velvet surface does not disappear and the cloth’s length of life is not shortened. Come with us to share with you the proper way to wash velvet fabrics

  • The best way to wash velvet fabrics is to wash your hands with pleasure, but it’s even harder, but it’s worth keeping your blankets and pillows.
  • If you want to wash your blankets and velvet pillows with handwashing or with a washing machine, it is best to turn them back on and off. This will cause the smooth and soft surface of the velvet to come in contact with the rest of the clothes or with the body of the car. Wash your hands or injure yourself and do not go away
  • Use a little detergent when washing, and do not over-disperse the detergent. It is best to use a detergent instead of powder
  • Apply with cool water and remove the floor of the detergent. The velvety fabric of the floor and water absorbs delicately and elegantly water and floor out of cloth
  • Do not cover the velvet blanket and pillowcase on the strap so that the cloth does not remain on the cloth and the cloth does not change. It’s best to flatten the surface to dry

Beautiful Blanket

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