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Best Types of Winter Blankets in 2020

 blanket is one of the best-selling products in the country, and fortunately, our country has the ability to produce different types of blankets. In the winter, the sale of winter blankets increases a lot and almost 80% of the blankets produced are sold.

Best Types of Winter Blankets in 2020

Heavy warm winter blankets on sale

Heavy warm winter blankets on sale This type of blanket is one of the best choices for people who are so sensitive to cold. For this reason, woolen blankets can be the best choice for people who are cold in winter, although it should be noted that these blankets are a little rougher and heavier than cotton and even those with synthetic fibers. On this account, their use is not very suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. These blankets are available in a variety of sales centers and you can easily buy this product.

A complete buying guide abou t winter blankets

A complete buying guide abou t winter blankets In today’s world, all kinds of blankets are designed to meet our different needs. If you are planning to buy a blanket, it is better to get acquainted with the most popular and newest models of blankets on the market. Before buying a blanket, you need to determine the size of the blanket and whether you are applying for a single, double or baby blanket. Usually the size of double blankets is 240×220 or 240×200 cm and the size of single blankets is 160×220 and 150×220 cm. The size of the baby blankets is between 80×110 and 110×140 cm. So before you buy, make sure the size of the blanket and buy the right blanket for your needs.

The color and design of the blanket is very important for buyers. American psychiatrists say that it is better to choose a blanket between soft green, lemon, pink, peach, lilac, cream or even white colors to achieve a relative peace of mind before going to bed and seeing the color of the blanket psychologically. That’s why the color  of the blanket is very important to the buyer, and we need to buy a color that not only gives us a sense of calm, but also matches the size of the bedroom.

Regarding the design of the blanket, we must say that the design of the blanket should be quiet and soothing, so as not to confuse the mind before going to bed. If you don’t want to use monochrome blankets, floral designs and simple geometric designs can be a good option for your bed blanket.
It’s best to avoid buying blankets with scary animal photos, rough cartoon characters or bright and exciting colors like red for kids. Children’s blanket photos can be one of their favorite cartoon characters to give them a good feeling while sleeping. Special attention should also be paid to children’s blankets. It is better to choose children’s blankets from organic or cotton samples or glass wool. To buy these blankets, you can go to the  wholesale sherpa blankets or wholesale blankets.

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