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Buy and sell patterned blankets

To buy a variety of patterned blankets, you can visit stores or reputable stores that offer pillow covers and blankets.

Puppet patterned blanket

The cheerful and colorful puppet blankets are one of the most popular blankets that you can use for your child’s seat or child seat to make your child’s room more beautiful and fun.
Blankets and pillowcases that are specially designed for children should be made of high-quality anti-hygienic fabrics that have a long lasting durability.
To make children’s pillows and blankets, they often use the images and shapes of popular kids’ stilettos because children are more likely to love puppets than puppets and feel more relaxed and comfortable when sleeping.

patterned blankets

Floral embroidered blanket

In this model, designs are drawn in various shapes and featured on blankets that can be featured in various designs such as knitwear, fabric, hook, felt and …
This type of blanket can be used for furniture with a simple design that makes the furniture and home decor more beautiful.

patterned blankets

Felt blanket

Felt blanket is another type of fabric that has been welcomed by people due to its specialty. Felt fabric is a synthetic wool and is very similar to natural felt, which is why it is known as fabric in the popular language and in the stores of Anoura.
Another feature of their fabrics and blankets is their anti-wrinkle, because of the type of texture it has, despite being so soft and not absorbing moisture and its high quality and durability. Felt blankets can create beautiful designs in different shapes.

patterned blankets

Smooth Blankets

Flat and standing blankets will make your furniture look better and more beautiful, but if your blankets are loose and loose, the beauty of the sofas will be reduced. To eliminate loosening and blanket blankets, first check out what the bleached blanket is.
If you are bad for leaning, you can pull back the four sides of the top and bottom and the left and right of the blanket in the first way, but if the fibers are broken, you should split the top and replace the new fibers.

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