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High Quality Blanket Wholesale Market 2020

 We all know that the profit in buying is good and as a result we have created an opportunity for customers from all cities to make a good and affordable purchase for all types of blanket models. The cheapest types of blankets, in different centers are provided for bulk distribution, and the variety of designs and sizes is also a geat advantage that can meet all needs. Accepting the major orders of blankets can be done for all cities in the shortest time, in this way, you, dear customers, can order your desired models according to the types of blankets available. if you want to know about blanket wholesale market, manufacturing blankets; read on.

High Quality Blanket Wholesale Market 2020

How many types of blankets are there on the market?

How many types of blankets are there on the market? According to the received reports, the largest volume of blankets in the market are Chinese and Iranian samples, and Iranian samples have attracted the attention of buyers due to their good quality and design. Of course, blankets imported from Turkey, China and Italy also have their audiences; But usually the prices of Turkish and Italian blankets are much more expensive than domestic blankets. However, in today’s market, there are a variety of cotton blankets, glass wool, double-layered, travel, and so on, and in this section we will introduce them.

۱- Cotton blankets: Usually these days, blankets made of pure cotton are no longer available. Currently, most cotton blankets on the market are a combination of great cotton yarn and synthetic fibers such as acrylic and polyester. These blankets are very great warm and soft and less fluffy than woolen blankets. 

۲- Two-layer blankets: Double-layer blankets are the best choice for very cold winter days for those who are reluctant to use heavy duvets.

 ۳- Organic blankets: The price of these blankets is a bit high, but it is a very good option for people who suffer from allergic diseases and skin allergies. These organic blankets, which are made from natural cotton fibers, are very soft and warm and are expensive.

۴- Wool blankets: This type of blanket is one of the hottest choices for some people who are very sensitive to cold. Because one of the most important great properties of wool is that it absorbs heat well. 

Best place to buy blankets in bulk price

Best place to buy blankets in bulk price Ahvaz is one of the poles in the field of wholesale of cheap foreign travel blankets. Currently, blankets are among the blankets offered in this area, and as you know, the types of single and double in this area are the cheapest possible price. But sending blankets from Tehran to other cities will be safer and more secure.

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