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large Velvet Pillow Distributor

If you are looking for a large Velvet pillow distributor, including a large velvet pillow, our company can help you with a wide range of pillows with the best quality and the right price.

Velvet pillow

Variety of large velvet pillows

Velvet large pillows are very popular because of their special softness and high quality and variety. Velvet fabrics are easy to wash and are durable and give a very luxurious look to your home.
Velvet large pillows can be found in different designs and colors on the market and on various sites
A variety of velvet pillows are:

  • Simple velvet
  • Patterned velvet
  • Velvet Watercolor
  • Cotton swaddle
  • ۳D velvet
  • Silver velvet

Velvet pillow

  1. Watercolor velvet: Watercolor velvet is one of the types of velvet that has a velvet surface but it’s very short, and if you drop it on the surface, it shades and you can see the direction of the fly, but in normal mode it looks smooth. To come
  2. Silver velvet velvet: This type of velvet is very luxurious and modern and has a high quality. If your home decoration style is modern and modern, this great velvet pillow can be a good choice for you.
  3. Velvet cotton embroidered: Cotton swaddle fabric is very soft and delicate
  4. Three-dimensional velvet: One of the varieties of velvet that has beautiful appearance and stylish designs is also very durable and durable.
    There are a variety of designs on this type of velvet such as traditional designs, fanta …
  5. Flower Velvet: Another type of velvet cloth that is very stylish and beautiful and has a high quality and durability. In this type of velvet, there are strikingly colored flowers that look like velvet and have two shiny and opaque patterns.

Velvet pillow

Price of Velvet pillow cover

The price of pillows cover and plush types depending on which type of velvet
Sewing used is different. Another factor that affects the cost of pillow covers and large pillows is by which city and / or site you bought it from. If you do not have the opportunity to search in shopping malls to find the right price, you can buy online sites that sell online. You can contact us for advice and reasonable prices.

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