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mink blankets for sale | Various kinds of mink blankets on the market

The mink blankets for sale exist in special domestic stores and centers which have to represented at suitable prices. Various kinds of mink blankets on the market, so, there are hundreds of blankets in the whole world with different appearances. The mink blankets price depends on the type of blanket. If you want to know more info read this article to the end.

mink blankets for sale | Various kinds of mink blankets on the market

How do you wash a mink blanket?

How do you wash a mink blanket?Mink is a kind of hairy animal that live in America, this animal has fuzzy hairs and this is why these hairs keep the minks warm from the cold weather. In the market, the original Korean blankets are made of the original hairs of minks and represent at too much prices. 

So, according to the natural property of these products, they have to be cared enough to not damage them because of their value. Washing the blankets is mostly done into the washing machines but washing the mink blankets has some of important phases to keep them from any kind of damage. 

  1. Using a heavy-duty washing machine which are use in big laundry
  2. Using a detergent like dreft or woolite to clean it completely
  3. Washing it into the cold water
  4. Setting the tumble dry on no heat

by these phases, you can wash your mink blanket as well and keep it safe from any damage.

What is mink blanket?

What is mink blanket?The hairs of the mink animals used for weaving the blankets and other types of products which can be made of these hairs. For example, golden bear mink blankets is one of the luxury productions of blankets that are made in Asian countries such as Korea. 

Now, to keep the enough warmth of the human body, these hairs will completely enough and the customer use these kinds of blankets in cold weather and winter season. These products have different features:

  • Soft
  • Plushy
  • Warmth
  • Rich thickness
  • Rich coverage

Mink blankets are produced in different sizes such as:

  • Baby size
  • King bedstead
  • Twin bedstead
  • Single size

Best korean mink balnket brands

Best korean mink balnket brands Korea is the oldest producers of mink blankets and other traditional blankets that people use them from ancient time until today. The traditional Korean blanket is even made of bear, deer and other animals which have hairy and warm skins. 

There are different brands of mink blankets in different countries that have been rated and represent on the markets at the prices which show their value. 

Wholesale price range of mink blankets in Korea

Wholesale price range of mink blankets in KoreaWholesalers are one of the main centers for the customers to buy their intended product at bulk volumes and also good prices. 

In addition to Korea, there are other countries which have product lines for mink blankets:

  • China
  • India
  • Germany
  • Pakistan

You can find the exact prices of these products by visiting the related websites.

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