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Sellers of all kinds of cushion covers in Karaj

We can get access to sellers of all kinds of cushion covers in Karaj, through websites and shop from them considering our owr needs.
Cushion covers are always highly appreciated by customers, because of the low price and the great affect that they have on beautifying the internal space.
Cushions make it feel more comfortable and suitable when you sit on the sofa, which is a good reason why we should choose using it.

Sellers of all kinds of cushion covers

Getting to know the features of cushion covers

Cushion cover is one of the material in the group of sleeping material. In the past, cushion covers produced in countries like china and russia had dedicated to themselves a huge part of markets.
But nowadays these products are being produced in workshops and factories, and meet the need of people in our country to this product.
Producers try to offer this product in it’s very best version, good enough to compete to foreign peoduction, using Iranian designers’ style and ideas using advanced workshop equipment.

Sellers of all kinds of cushion covers

Types of cushion covers in Karaj

As you may know, cushion covers are nowadays produced in different types, which are diveded into these categories considering material, color and style:

  • Felt cushion covers
  • Fantasic cushion covers
  • Rug cushion covers
  • Handmade cushion covers
  • Leather cushion covers
  • Doll-like cushion covers

Each type of these cushion covers can be used in their own way, considering their color and style, and play an essential role in beautifying the space. They are offered in different shapes such as sqares, rectangles and triangles.
Bellow we will name the most popular fabrics that are used in  creating cushion covers.

  1. Velvet fabric
  2. Fantasic colorful fabric
  3. Simple and cotton fabric
  4. Fabrics containing patterns
  5. Embroidered fabric

Sellers of all kinds of cushion covers

deciding which of these cushion cover types to use, depends on your house dscoration, and your own favorite style.
In karaj, we often see people buying these cushion covers wholesale, since there are many customers and applicants for this product in this city.
These cushion covers are shown in a variety of styles, patterns and colors on websites or in shopping centers, so that people can shop online or in person.

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